duminică, 30 martie 2008

Talking Cats

This video is already famous, but it doesn't hurt to watch it again. Oh Long Johnson, Oh Don Piano ! Incredible funny !

Possessed Leg

There are only two choices : the leg is possessed or this is the craziest dog ever and it really thinks its leg is trying to steel its bone.

The Royal Cat

During World War II a cat called Oscar was having a good time on the German battleship Bismarck. When the Bismarck was hit by torpedoes, Oscar was rescued by a British sailor from the destroyer HMS Cossack. Five months later the destroyer was sunk, but Oscar was rescued by HMS Ark Royal. Only 3 weeks later a German submarine destroyed Ark Royal and Oscar was rescued again. The naval authorities decided at that time to transfer him to a home on land. According to British naval records, Oscar died peacefully in 1955.

This is a pastel portrait of Oscar from the National Maritime Museum.

luni, 24 martie 2008

The Amazing Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are solitary animals that live in the snowy central mountains of Asia. They are excellent climbers, fast runners and good swimmers and they hunt wild sheep, marmots, hares, birds, but mostly they prey upon blue sheep and mountain ibex. These cats have powerful legs and are tremendous leapers, able to jump as far as 50 feet (15 meters). Snow leopards use their long tails for balance and as blankets to cover sensitive body parts against the severe mountain chill. In some parts of the Himalaya, the big cats have a near-mythical status comparable with the yeti or the snowman. The snow leopard is a rare sight, with only about 6,000 left in the wild. They are hunted for their beautiful, warm fur and for body parts, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. The next footage captures it's beautiful side as well as it's ferocious one. Really amazing !

The Boxing Kangaroo

These people are trying very hard to present their pet to the show host, but trey are having a problem. It's a good thing the boxer has the gloves on !

duminică, 23 martie 2008

Funny Animals Part 1

Oh my God I'm alergic to dead squirls !

Hello beautiful ! The name is Rusty !

Uuh ... don't look at me like that. The humans made me do it.

The Beatles have another member !

Camouflage Underwater

This is a part of a documentary from National Geographic witch shows how amazing some of the underwater animals can camouflage. The Indonesian Mimic Octopus is truly a master of disguise.